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Is META DESCRIPTION Considered as an Effective SEO Marketing Practice??

As far as the Meta tags are considered, these are one of the greatest and effective ways for the Webmasters to furnish information about the website to the various search engines. These provide information to the different clients and system processes.

What is a meta description

Checking the Presence of Meta Tags on a Website

Checking whether the site has any meta tag or not is very easy with the availability of various stools. One such tool that most of the professionals use is the SEMRush Audit Tool. Other tools that can be opted for is ScreamingFrog, DeepCrawl, or the SEO Powersuite Website Auditor.

Role of META TAGS for SEO in 2019

Often people believe that ranking high in the search engine result pages (SERPs) is dependent on the optimisation of the simple meta tags. But this is not the case. As far as the ranking trends for the current year 2019 is concerned, other factors like high-quality content, its relevance and reputation; the design of the website is going to play a pivotal role.

According to the professional SEO expert in Melbourne, most of the times, the role of meta tags is noticeably negligible when it positively comes to ranking.

meta description optimization

Benefits of Meta Tags

Well, what is required is the proper usage of the meta tags. Experts say that if these tags are used in a judicious way, then it can help to improve the click rates from SERPs. Any misuse or incorrect usage is going to play foul from the search engine’s algorithm point of view.

Important Meta Tags for SEO in 2019

As far as the meta tags are concerned, the professionals, in most of the cases focus on basic three meta tags–

  • The Keywords
  • The Description
  • The Robots


Gone are the days when the various search engines used the meta description/content to get the web pages rank on the top of the search engines. But as per the recent trend, search giant like Google says that it never uses the data in the meta when it comes to getting the ranks for the pages.

In other words, the search giant does not use any information present in the keywords or description to influence the ranking. Instead, the information is used to create the snippets at times.

Meta Data and their Functionality in SEO

To be precise, the metadata of any web page has an invincible role to play. It helps in describing any page in a simple, machine-readable format that completely abides by the norms and standards of a search engine.

Its all about CLASSIFYING and DISPLAYING information about any web page on SERP. The presence of information will always ensure that visitors click on the link and go through the website about the services and products.

Another factor that plays a crucial role in SEO META is its uniqueness. Major search engines look out for the uniqueness of the content in comparison to the other similar pages on the internet. One thing that needs to be kept in mind regarding the Metadata or tag is analysing how well a user sees the site in the search pages without actually paying a visit to it.

META TAG and GOOGLE’S Search Snippet Listing

The thing to be kept in mind is that in most of the cases SERP snippets are completely based on the users’ query. The text that comes in a search is dependent on query and changes accordingly. It is always the Google that plays the upper hand in picking the preferred snippet. However, there is no guarantee as well when it comes to whether Google is going to pick the meta description as search snippet or not.


As far as the meta descriptions are concerned, these stand important for both the reader as well as the search engine, only when it is used properly and intelligently. Actually, it affects the way how a user looks at the site in the search pages, no matter whether they click the URL or not.

However, the following are some of the things that need to be considered when it comes to writing a meta description. The page needs to be INFORMATIONAL with relevance to valuable query. The description needs to be unique and sensible and should always be written not only for the search engines but also for the humans. The Google indexing takes the meta description for the snippet, and very rarely for ranking.

Do Characters Play a Pivotal Role in Meta?

Obviously yes. According to the professional SEO consultant in Melbourne, keeping the meta description tags precise and informational is a dynamic process and stands important when one wants to bring in more traffic without altering the availability of any information.

So How Long a Meta Description Should be?

The length of the meta description has witnessed constant changes. Unlike May 2018, when the character length for Google was approximately 290 characters; it was curtailed to 120-158 characters or near about 920 pixels in May the same year. It is still being continued, and for the year 2019, till January, it remains the same.

For the mobiles, the max limit for meta descriptions is 120 characters which stand around 680 pixels.

However, different search engines follow a different character count. Bing and Yahoo! allows characters up to 168 or 980 pixels.

The Strategy towards Length

The Less, The Better!

Putting the information in fewer words means you are putting important words or phrases just at the beginning. Doing so is going to make the description friendly for all types of search engines. The intriguing and interesting information put forward ensures that the site gets the maximum visit through a click.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • To ensure that the search engine does not use the information from the site, the meta description needs to be written with the targeted keywords.
  • A high-quality description is always going to improve the quantity of user traffic.
  • A unique description for every page is a positive one for the ranking, and indexing becomes more authentic

So, choosing a short, quality, and informational description is going to make the website performing.

The EndNote…

To be precise technically and as far as the algorithm of search Google uses, it has drastically changed the way how snippets are being created. Improving user experience and stressing on how it works for the search engine has always been given the top priority.

Undoubtedly, several things can be done to draw attention to page snippet. However, using the special characters and keeping the character count is going to be the deciding factors. What is important is to keep in mind is the recent trend by discarding the glitches of the previous years, 2018, 2017, and so on….