seo secrets 2019
SEO Secrets in 2019 to Boost your Optimisation Strategy

As far as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is concerned, it has changed over the years drastically. But regardless of the changes, certain fundamental SEO principles will always remain unchanged. These are important in all aspects and need to be implemented in a better way.

Different SEO strategies and techniques have made things a lot easier. However, it becomes more stringent when it comes to executing the strategy to maximise the result or gain. The nitty-gritty of the plans and techniques should always focus on driving organic traffic to the website by considerably increasing the rankings without risking the penalties made from the search engine giant like Google.

The following are some of the fundamental SEO principles that are always going to be beneficial while boosting the optimisation strategy–

“10s of Page Loading Increases the Bounce Rate by 123%.”

loading time matters

While surfing the website, every second count. We all have witnessed the loading speed of the site. It hardly mattered two to three decades ago. But with time, the web developers and the companies are relying heavily on the loading speed.

There can be numerous reasons for web page slowing down. Frustrating the user is always going to make your website rank down in the list of user experience resulting in an increased bounce rate. The prospective ‘would have’ turns towards other competitors.

Stat: According to a survey on loading speed, chances of the abandonment rate rise to approximately 70% if the website takes more than 5 seconds to load,

Solution: The popular digital marketing agency in Perth, keeping the interest of the visitor as well as the search engine, has taken effective steps to ensure that the problem with the loading speed is solved. Therefore, from their part, they have ensured–

  • A Minimised HTTP Requests for the Different Parts of the Page like Scripts, Stylesheet, Images
  • Less Number of Files by Combining Each of them as much as Possible
  • Asynchronous Loading of JS and CSS Files
  • Deferring of the JS Loading
  • Minimising the Time to the First Byte
  • A Reduced Server Response Time
  • Selection of the Right Hosting
  • A Reduced Image Size

“Unique Meta Description of 120-158 Characters, Increases Site Visit by 54%.”

unique meta description

During the design and development of a website, what remains mostly neglected by the companies is the SEO Meta. Professionals say that a well-crafted meta description for the web page is always going to be bonza from the SEO perspective.

The description is the very first thing that a user looks at when he/she searches for the information about the products or services. Certain things need to be followed when it comes to writing a unique SEO Meta description. No two pages can have the same meta (title and description). In addition to it, the description with relevant keywords ascertains that the users get what they are searching for.

“85% of the Successful Searches are Because of Organic.”

organic search

Gone are the days when only keywords were used to drive searches. But now, the bloggers and the content creators ensure that they produce content for the users/readers first. This helps in giving relevant information to the consumers concerned in the niche market.

According to the professional SEO consultants in Perth, stress should always be given on the search that focuses on human first rather than the search engine. Reason being- the purchases of the services and products are not made by the search engine. Neither the search engine is going to comment nor is it going to be a loyal consumer. Therefore, to ensure that the website ranks the best, stress should always be given on what the users expect to find.

“54% of the Post Must Include Images to Drive in Traffic.”

seo drive traffic

What should always be on the priority list is engaging the readers. According to a survey, visitors are engaged with such posts that have the pictorial representation of the content because it helps in understanding the information in a streamlined way without investing much time. As far as the UX is concerned, the post that has more than 54% of the body covered with relevant images helps in driving more readers. Apart from the images; the presence of videos, list also play a pivotal role in boosting the optimisation strategy.


If you, as a business owner, have chosen to promote your services or products online, it is necessary to focus on the key areas of the right SEO strategy. Improvement in the field is always going to bring in leads and scale up your sales.