3 E-Commerce Trends in 2018 that will Boost Business Profitability

Here’s An Interesting Stat –

Close To 56% Of In-Store Purchases In Australia Are Done Through E-Commerce Websites. By the completion of 2017, the e-commerce business churned a staggering AU$2.3 trillion, and due to its rising popularity, tipsters believe that it could almost double this tally (AU$4.5 trillion) by the end of 2021.

35% of the shoppers in Perth believe it to be their primary mode of shopping and 11% of them regularly shop from such sites using their smartphones.

All this testifies clearly the quantum growth that e-commerce business is experiencing. And if you have an e-commerce site of your own, then you should be looking to cash in on this ever-rising industry.

However, since there are no shortages of such websites, you need to ensure that your site gives its market adversaries a tough run for their money. And to achieve that, you need to stay in line with all the latest e-commerce trends in 2018.

Let’s Find Out What Those Trends Are.

Social Shopping

Instagram and Pinterest were very useful for web merchants selling their products and services, and this trend will only increase in 2018. These platforms prove great for creating a purchasing-scenario for possible customers.

By clicking on the shown products, they will be redirected to a model window where customers can hit the BUY button there and then.

More Convenient Delivering Options

2017 saw on-demand deliveries surge significantly. And this will likely continue in 2018. Special emphasis should be on Same-Delivery Services; as leading businessmen believe it will become one of the chief USPs of most e-commerce brands.

Most retailers or e-commerce site owners will aim to beat their market competition. And to do that they will try to incorporate more delivery options (including Same-Delivery Services) by matching speed with shopping convenience.

Mobile Commerce with Surpass Desktops

2018 will rise more in popularity, and some business owners feel that it could even surpass desktop shopping.
The major focus of most e-commerce businesses will be to make their websites strongly responsive to popular mobile OS. Plus, more marketing integrations to improve mobile shopping experience will be seen taking place.

These stand as those three popular trends that could rule the 2018 e-commerce season.

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